Loft Conversions

Move UP not OUT

A loft conversion can unlock value in your home by converting unused space into a living area. Loft conversions are an affordable way of adding space to your property and can be adapted to suit your needs – whether that be an additional space to live, work or play.

We enable our customers to use their home to its full potential through customised loft conversions which transform your loft space and create that all-important living area for you to use how you want.

Types of Loft Conversion

There are four main types of loft conversions and the type we recommend for your property will depend on a number of factors – property style, roof height, available space, conservation area, local planning regulations, your budget and needs.

Our process for Loft Conversions

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Scaffolding is erected a day or two before commencement of works.

  • The loft team arrive and receive delivery of materials.
  • Construction is started on the floor.
  • Once the floor is down the customer can view the loft area to make any final layout changes.
  • Measurements are taken for new stairs and joiners set to work making a bespoke flight to suit your loft.
  • Insulation is started and the first fix plumbing and electrical specification is commenced.
  • The customer is invited to finalise positions for lights and sockets.
  • Shaft is cut ready for stairs and stairs arrive following day and fitted on same day.
  • Insulation is finalised and the building inspector arrives for his inspections.
  • Plasterboards are fitted and the loft teams work is coming to an end.
  • Plasterers arrive and spend 2-4 days.
  • Following week the electrician second fixes followed by plumber and carpenter who snags to reach a final completion.
  • Building inspector passes final completion.

Some of our Loft Conversions

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