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Based in Leicester

MPH Construction and Carpentry is based in Leicester, and we’re ideally situated to cover Leicestershire and the West Midlands, providing quality and bespoke loft conversations to suit every homeowner’s needs.

As an independent construction company, we understand that quality and the customer services is key to satisfaction; therefore, we take pride in limiting ourselves to a single project at any-one-time to ensure we are focused on delivering your vision.

This singular focus with an understanding that a successful conversion relies on a build being well managed and making use of trusted trades people and contractors we know will deliver the results the homeowner is looking for.

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Meet Matthew

Matthew Hackett started MPH in 2014; however, he comes from a long line of carpenters, with both his father and grandfather also being highly skilled carpenters and craftsmen, making him one of the very few 3rd generation carpenters in the city of Leicester. The family history means, his skilled are built on a family tradition giving him skills beyond his 25 years in the trade.

Throughout those years he has worked on a wide variety of projects, including luxury apartments in London, bar and shop fit outs, large scale shuttering and structural works, refurbishments, new builds, and even lending his skills for free to help people less fortunate on BBC DIY SOS.

This has all added up to give Matthew a huge understanding of the building trade, knowing what the customer wants and all the available possibilities to ensure that for each project so every trade turns up at the right time so the whole contract runs as smoothly as possible to reduce the time on site and disruption caused by the works.

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Seven reasons to pick MPH for your loft conversion



All our quotes have a fixed price and include a detailed breakdown of what is included of the works that will be carried out and there are no hidden extras. If at any time you choose to add any extras to your loft conversion, we will amend the price of the original quote and send it to you for confirmation. No extras will be carried out without written confirmation from the homeowner.



MPH prides itself on using the best quality materials, while keeping the price of your loft conversion as cost-effective as possible for you at the same time keeping our high standard of works.



There are four main stages to completing a loft conversion. After each stage has been completed, you will receive an invoice for payment. This breaks up the total cost of your loft conversion into four smaller and easier payments. To secure a start date for your loft conversion, we ask for a small deposit. This is paid once you have accepted our quotation and start date.



We work closely with you throughout the whole journey of the build of your loft conversion. From your original vision and plans, right through until the completed works and sign-off. We strive to keep you involved and up to date at every stage of the build, ensuring you peace of mind.



We take great care in being flexible to your needs when working in your home. With high standard of cleanliness always and aim to keep the noise level to an absolute minimum, as allowing you to carry on with your day to day lives is of the upmost important to us.



All our work comes with a 5-year guarantee as standard, giving all our customers total satisfaction and peace of mind that your loft conversion is built to last.



We know that having a loft conversion built is a big and expensive decision to make; therefore, we are extremely proud of our high level of customer satisfaction and have many delighted customers who are more than happy to allow visits to their home, where you can see our work for yourself.

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