Time for a Refresh

Giving MPH a much needed fresh coat of paint

I think with any new business it takes a while to find your feet, and only through time you find out what works and what doesn’t. I started out doing extensions, loft conversions and refurbishments, and although all jobs were finished on time, in budget and to a high standard, I found myself and MPH where being spread to thinly, which meant I was unable to give my customers 100% of my attention, so something had to change.

Therefore, after considering, I decided to take the risk and shut down over half of the business by removing extensions and refurbishments and solely focusing loft conversions. The change has led to smoother operations, which has increased the quality of our work and resulted in lots of happy customers. It has also had the benefit of creating a better working environment for me and the team.

However, this change has meant MPH needed to revisit our existing website and branding to ensure it matched our new focus. Therefore, it was decided not to just update the website, but also give the whole brand a refresh and launch a completely new site which we plan to add regular new content monthly including adding all the recent jobs and news from both MPH and the wider industry.

My learnings form updating MPH’s Website:

Review your current website and content

Might have been a few years since you built and launched your first website, so spend some time review the site and determine if there are elements you want to keep, expand on or remove.

Learn from others

Do your research and check out the competition, reviewing elements which are common across all including words and phrases.

It’s important not to simply copy them, the aim is to see what is working and build them into your brand

Look for Inspiration

Design trends coming and going, so it good to take closer looks at what is trending today from with many sectors. See what grabs your attention and consider how that might make up part of your design.

Use Graphics

We live in a world of images and graphics and users today what to be visually excited, therefore focus on good graphics with clear, simple and support site copy.

SEO is King

Getting the robots crawling you site will only help boost your rankings and have good SEO with keywords will help everyone find your business.

New Content

There is no point just rehashing old content, sure it can be recycled if still relevant, but refreshing a brand and website give you the chance to create new content more relevant for your business today.

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